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Memory Loss 


Today I took a moment to write down what I had ate and i didn’t know. I guess I was eating for the first time but I wasn’t for sure. 

Seems I can’t remember things these days without writing them down as I go about. If I do something over and over again it kind of sticks in my mind though, the worst is when I very catch tune never seems to want to go away. I’m lucky to remember my own telephone number. There are times I double check, ten times over to make sure I’m writing out the right address or turning something off, locking the door etc… 

This month my mom asked me to look something up for her and when I left out the room I forgot that quick, she asked me the next day or maybe a couple days later and I didn’t remember to do it. 

I remember so much crap that I don’t even need to remember. I wish my mind would forget things from my past, so then I would be able to enjoy my present time much better. 
I’m trying to live out my dream as a author and I’m doing my best at it, but it’s difficult sometimes when I can’t remember how to spell words, can’t sound them out nor remember what letter they begin with. 

      I get confused when trying to do simple math. I could do a problem on paper and then do it with a calculator and find out I had done it wrong. 

It’s sad that no one knows this about me and they wouldn’t believe it. People in my life think I’m very smart but I feel dumb lots of the time. There are moments I surprise myself, I never know what my brain has stored. 



Comments on: "Memory Loss " (5)

  1. barbaramarincel said:

    I believe you! I get Fibro Fog too. I haven’t been able to do math for years…and it was a real struggle to get through grad school with all of my cognitive problems. (But I did, so there’s hope!) Hang in there and know you’re not alone.


  2. Solving a crossword or comprehending serious news is so difficult! On some days, I feel today and yesterday were the same day :/ weird or what!!!


    • I understand how you feel, I forget days thinking that today is tomorrow or forgetting what day it is all together. The worst is when someone is talking to me sometimes I draw a blank or feel as if I blackout because I don’t get much of what they’re saying. I have to make sure I’m not doing anything else if I’m really trying to listen. Sleep is the key I feel better after good restful sleep but it seems I rarely get it. I feel I sleep too much but still not enough. I just feel crazy all together.


      • Same here. I’m tired of sleeping but I have to sleep to give my brain rest but the sleep is so disturbed. And I keep forgetting that today is the last day of 2015. LOL.


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