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A Hobby Into Something More

I know I have not posted a blog in a very long time. I have been dealing with over thinking and being emotional. Having to get enough rest to even be able to function. Today’s post is about a choice I have decided to make. I have turned a hobby into what I am calling a business, even if most may not see it that way. I have not made a sale yet, due to the fact I just started this. I hope to get more attention as the weather becomes cooler to cold. 

Crocheting was something I learned by surprise and it became something I really enjoy. When I saw the finish item when it’s done, I amazed myself at what I had made. To make something with your hands that has a purpose, a use, it is a great feeling. 

I had the thought but it wasn’t until my husband saw me crocheting and then he said. 

“That right there is your business. You can sale your crocheting. You do such a great job at it.” 

I smiled and it felt good. I told him if he believes in me and will back me up and help me get the word out to people, then I will do it. It’s easier when you have people believe in you and want to see you succeed. 

You have to really use your resources around you when living on a budget you have to start cheap to almost free and hope for the best until you actually start making money. 

I don’t have the money to set up a vendor or anything, so to the internet I go. I have a free web store set up and have set up on etsy.com. I know how it is to not have money so I am not putting huge prices on my work but crocheting does take a lot of time and works my hands hard. Plus to be able to ship/mail I need to price it enough. I just want to be successful at something I enjoy doing. I can’t wait to make my first sale. Even if it’s only one, I will still be proud of myself. 
So even if you don’t buy, please help me spread the word. Just share my websites. I will greatly appreciate it. 



“In generations past, crafts like sewing, knitting and quilting were a matter of necessity. Today the same tasks are more likely to be hobbies for pleasure. Yet there is something Godly about putting your hands to work and bringing new beauty to the world. May you be blessed with skillful hands and a loving heart. Create, and honor creation.”


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