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Trapped Gas

April 14, 2014


What are the symptoms of gas?
The most common symptoms of gas are burping, passing gas, bloating, and abdominal pain or discomfort. However, not everyone experiences these symptoms.

For days now I’ve been, [how can I say] stopped up. Having trapped gas is the worst and makes one feel as if they are “dying” even though I’ve been eating salads, this still happened. Guess I haven’t been drinking as much water lately though. Even that sometimes doesn’t matter. I feel like whatever is going to happen to my body, is going to happen if it wants, no matter what all I do.

Have you ever went from feeling good to feeling horrible all in the same day? Well that’s the life of fibromyalgia, never knowing what is going to happen.

The side pain, to stomach cramps, it’s unbearable. Chest tightening and burping, makes you feel like a noise maker or something. Sleeping is impossible and relaxing is a no go.

I had a movement but I still feel horrible, it’s in my chest, my breathing is not well. How long will this last? I can only wait it out and hopefully I will be at ease sooner than later.

“Exercise and diet go hand in hand when you want to beat bloating and other digestive complications. If you can find exercises or activities that work for you, try dedicating yourself to it as often as possible; it can go a long way to transform your body and help your gas symptoms subside.”


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