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It’s Real


March 18, 2014


Fibromyalgia is as real as God, you may not be able to see God but he is real and Fibro may not show on the outside, but it is very real on the inside. Working from the inside out, it’s dragging people through Hell.
Like life it self wasn’t enough, but to add a chronic illness on top of it makes it even worst. I’ve spent my entire life dealing with real and not real. Watching my mother deal with depression and not understanding what was going on as a child, as I grew older I began to see those things in myself.
My mom went through doctors telling her it was all in her head and nothing was really wrong. I got diagnosed with having anxiety then depression, and soon I began to see ye world from my mothers eyes. When I first noticed and that feeling happened of not being able to get out of bed, not wanting to deal with anyone, and being extremely tired. It began real very real for me indeed, the feeling was unexplainable.
I never thought I would run into anything else and soon everything including the anxiety and depression, now had a new name… That name is Fibromyalgia.
For me finding this out and learning about it, I felt I had found the answer to every pain or weird thing that I had ever felt. I say because of having painful periods since I was a young girl, having skin issues, always having some kind of concern about my body. A pain here, a ache there. But back then who would have known to even ask a doctor about [fibromyalgia]
How real is it? How real is the air that you breathe? It is as real as a heart that beats, a brain that thinks and as a weak body that can still find the strength to keep moving.

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