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Body Cramps

May 19, 2014

Body Cramps

Let’s see if I can go from head to toe. Let’s start with the head well I feel cramps more in my face though. In my ear, down my neck and it travels down.
In my chest it’s the worst and hurts badly, and with being a heavy chested female, it feels as though the muscles are being pulled downward.
Down my back the cramps or just soreness turns into spasms. They haven’t been as bad as they can be lately, but I never really know when the spasms will come. They just happen and break me down.
Cramps in my arms are normally sore and ache to move, which then causes weakness.
Now when it comes to my hands, this pain is like being shocked with a spark. I could be doing anything, but the most time I feel it first is when I wash dishes, a cramp happens. Luckily it hasn’t happened when I’m holding anything. And when I write, it makes my handwriting bad. If I over-work my hands that’s when mostly the cramps happen, but also when they become cold.
Cramps in my side, abdomen, pelvic areas, lower back, even in my buttocks.
Cramps in my legs, mostly in my calves tighten up and ache. Down to my feet that stiffen and cramp so bad that I can’t move them at times. Into my toes, oh that pain there is annoying which the feet and toes issues mostly only happens when lying down in bed during or upon waking up.
The body is made up of muscle so where ever there is a muscle, there is a cramp, spasm and pain. Which reminds me I forgot a spot, I also get cramp like feeling around my eyeballs.


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