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June 9, 2014


I know most people with fibromyalgia say that it hurts them even to get a hug from someone; well get hugged to tightly or to be touched most of the times. I too get sore to the touch, but I am also a person who loves and enjoys affection.
Just because I have a chronic illness, I still need love and the love needs to be passionate.
A lack of affection leaves me feeling worst than I already do on a normal basis. Sometimes just kissing is enough, my lips don’t hurt all the time. And yes my lips become sore, because I bite off the skin on them and it makes them tender.
Everyone wants affection from there spouse or partner, it’s only natural to want to be close.
It’s frustrating when I hurt so much that I feel my husband rather not even try and touch me, but when I’m in the mood he is not. At the same time he says he waits for me to want it, but yet pushes me away when I do.
I’m thankful and grateful for having someone in my life, but it’s not easy trying to be on the same page; when having fibromyalgia, I don’t even think we reading from the same book; let alone being on the same page.

Everyone needs love; but everyone doesn’t show there love in the same ways.



May 23, 2014


Look Good; Feel Good, how many times have you heard this?
It’s crazy because having fibromyalgia and maybe any chronic illness, the person may not ever look sick on the outside. And who wants to look sick? I would say nobody right.
You have to look a little deeper when you want to notice what’s going on with someone with a chronic illness, because they become very good at hiding their true feelings. And there’s that “hiding out” part as well, they may never really want to be around others long enough for them to even see any kind of changes.
Now my personal issues with my appearance goes way back. I’ve always been a little to a lot insecure about how I look, to others and to myself. Even though I had people telling me I was pretty, beautiful, it only took one person saying something negative towards me to question myself.
Now today as a grown woman about to 30 years old this year, I am still not that happy with how I look and it’s stressful. There are things about myself I love, but if I was to lose those things I don’t know what I would do.
I’ve always felt the need to express myself somehow, at times I do it with my clothes or hair. Which at first seems like a good idea, but having fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, I have a lot of issues I’m dealing with. One issue is hair breakage, but not the normal kind. I kind one day notice that a patch of hair is short, like it’s been cut off and I didn’t cut it. It makes things look weird, my other hair won’t cover or lay right, so I cut it all even. The worst time is waiting for my hair to grow back. That is the problem I’m having now, it’s been months and my hair is still very short, so I got me a wig to wear. And the wig makes me look like a different person, I feel better. But at the same time I feel sicker, because I’m wearing a wig.
And don’t get me started on how I feel about my body, I will save that for another day, but today I just miss my hair.

Support System

April 29, 2014

Support System

Do you have a good support system? Or is it just yourself.

It’s been shown that someone with a chronic illness lacks a strong support system, because the ones around them don’t believe that they are even sick.

How many times have you heard, it’s all in your head, suck it up, we all go through hard times, I’m tried but you see I’m still going. And the list goes on…

When you have loved ones who try really hard to understand, it helps but that isn’t good enough. One doesn’t want to be treated like they can’t function, but they did to know that you not only understand but you get it.

How many times do you get questioned why? Why do you feel that way, why is that happening. If you give someone something to read, that list all the symptoms you deal with everyday, how could one ask what is wrong. The easier question is what isn’t wrong.

I think the more awareness that gets out about fibromyalgia, the more support we have from the people around us. I wish there could be more commercials; not on medicine but explaining. And truly I only see one commercial that shows on my television and that’s about the drug Lyrica. [thats it.] I’m saying are we less important than someone else with any other disease?

It’s not always enough to have support financially, for the ones of us who have a tough time working anymore.

It’s very important to have emotional support. Any kind of pain takes a toll on ones emotions and their spirit can suffer. It’s one thing to listen but you really hear what someone’s saying and respond with kind, helping, healing words makes a huge difference.
Pain can make it easy to want to give up, but a helping hand and someone letting you know they believe in you and are there for you means a lot.
Also we want so much help and support but we have to want to help ourselves as well.


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