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Chronic Daily Headaches

May 14, 2014

Chronic Daily Headaches

All my days have been filled with headaches throughout the day, I have a constant headache of any kind. Mostly a tension-migraine type headache. Pain in the back of my head or sides, or my whole head, which moves into my neck as well. Can’t forget the pressure around the eyes, that causes blurry vision to tearing up. I can’t think clearly with the pain in my head, it’s causing me to feel like a “big baby” I want to stay in bed and cry.

Over the counter medications isn’t working anymore, closing my eyes help but how long can I keep my eyes closed. Takes me forever to relax enough and become comfortable, and not being able to just fall asleep makes my head hurt worse of course. But I wake up having a headache, among other things and I can’t even tell when I have relief anymore. [its on-going] At times when I’m up doing something, I’m not thinking about it and don’t notice it much, but as soon as I’m done and I’m trying to rest I feel it, comes back. Light of any kind is torture, and most sounds are annoying.

Chronic daily headaches are classified by how long they last — more than four hours or less than four hours. The longer lasting headaches are more common and addressed here. They’re divided into four types:

Chronic migraine
Chronic tension-type headache
New daily persistent headache
Hemicrania continua


” Addressing risk factors including poor sleep, excessive caffeine intake, lack of exercise, dehydration, and anxiety and depression are all nonpharmacologic areas that can aid in successful treatment of CDH.” The only thing I’ve been able to stop is caffeine, everything else I’m still working on.
What can I say is a headache.

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