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Why Must We Suffer

June 20, 2014

Must We Suffer

“Why must a suffering person continue to live? Why let anyone live such a bitter life? Such people want to die, but death does not come. They search for death more than for hidden treasure. They would be happy to find their grave. They would rejoice to find their tomb. But God keeps their future a secret and builds a wall around them to protect them. When it is time to eat, all I can do is sigh with sadness, not joy. My groans pour out like water. I was afraid something terrible would happen, and what I feared most has happened. I cannot calm down or relax. I am too upset to rest!” (Job 3:20-26 ERV)

I remember as a young child I asked these questions, wondering why; why me Lord. Why must I suffer this pain that I feel I can not endure; it’s too much for a child. Now as an fail it did not become any better. Still more pain I endure.

“You worship God. You trust him. You are a good man, so let that be your hope. “(Job 4:6 ERV)

I trust and believe in God and he is my hope that one day I will feel peace, I will feel true happiness, I will know what is feels for my dreams to come true, I will know what it feels like to live without pain. Being in love, almost gives me every last one of those feelings, and I believe God placed the one I love and the one who loves me in my life for reasons; far more than I realize. But the most important; number one you should love is YOU. LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT.

“You are fortunate when God corrects you. So don’t complain when God All-Powerful punishes you. God might injure you, but he will bandage those wounds. He might hurt you, but his hands also heal. He will save you again and again. No evil will harm you. (Job 5:17-19 ERV)

God has saved me so many times, and I had to wonder why. Why do I get another chance? Why do I wake up today? To do what? One never knows why until you’ve done what you’ve had to do. Until you’ve learned your lesson. Things happen to make you see, to give you answers and to save you from you. God never gives up on you [us] you [we] give up on you. [ourselves]

I wish he would crush me— just go ahead and kill me! Then I would be comforted by this one thing: Even through all this pain, I never refused to obey the commands of the Holy One. “With my strength gone, I have no hope to go on living. With nothing to look forward to, why should I be patient? I am not strong like a rock. My body is not made from bronze. I don’t have the power to help myself, because all hope of success has been taken away from me. (Job 6:9-13 ERV)

Ok maybe we have to make changes to our life, change certain habits, maybe depend a little on someone else. We feel so weak, but if your mind still thinks; [works] then you are still as strong or even stronger than ever. You are as strong as your mind tells you; you are. If you go before it’s time; you may miss out on something special. You have no idea how long you have, make sure everyday is a day to remember because it could be the last. But if not and you wake up in the morning make sure to make that day also if not the same; make it better. Could be a simple I LOVE YOU that makes your day. Just never know, and I think that’s the hardest part for us; is not knowing.

“So I will not be quiet! I will let my suffering spirit speak! I will let my bitter soul complain! Am I one of your enemies? Is that why you put a guard over me? My bed should bring me comfort. My couch should give me rest and relief. But when I lie down, you scare me with dreams; you frighten me with visions. So I would rather be choked to death than to live like this. I hate my life—I give up. I don’t want to live forever. Leave me alone! My life means nothing. (Job 7:11-16 ERV)

So many times I’ve felt just like Job in the passage above, but when I decide that I give up, something happens. It could take a day, a week, a month, even year(s). But whenever it happens I am shown why I should continue. I am reminded of how much love I have, I am reminded of I will be missed if I go right now. I am reminded that there is still unfinished business in my life that only I can do. I know who would be hurt and in pain as I am now if I go before God calls me home.

So perhaps you might laugh again. Maybe shouts of joy will come from your lips. (Job 8:21 ERV)

Yesterday I had no idea what was to happen, and my brother showed up. Guess what? I laughed harder than I have in a long time. I felt love and understanding yesterday. I don’t know what today will bring, but since I’m here I am looking forward to whatever there is to come. See I almost forgot about the pain; which I and I know many of you expect to feel everyday. Well today I will have hope and hope it may not be so bad; at least for today.

How much of this sounds familiar? Those feelings; so many of us have felt, feel or are still always feeling everyday. These words are from the bible the book of Job, he suffered in a way that we are suffering. This is why it’s said that the Bible is our guide, it’s already been lived and been done.

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