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Stop Feeling Guilty

March 6, 2014

Stop Feeling Guilty

If you need rest, then rest. If you can’t right at the moment, that is okay, as long as you promise to come back and get it done. Don’t just say you can’t and quit, you can just not right now. If you can only do a little bit today, or only go one place, or only wash the clothes today. At least you got one thing done and out the way. Stop feeling guilty because you feel you owe more, or you’re not doing enough. Do you feel you’re doing enough in Gods eyes? Don’t give up and no matter how long it takes you, God will love you and be proud of you if no one else is.
Stop feeling guilty for your choices that you made to help yourself, you are no good too anyone broken and hurt. Family and friends should understand and I know most day they do but still question you. Keep yourself focused on making yourself better.
I always feel guilty for not working and watching my husband go off to work everyday, and at times I feel if I were to bring in income we would be a lot better. But that’s the thing, in my eyes we are ok and I’m basic needs are met, I have no need in being greedy. Also before we got married my husband said he was alright with me not working. It was mostly for me to focus on my writing as an author, but I was tried. From my teen and early twenties I worked and quit jobs left and right. I would start off strong and before I knew it depression and anxiety would take over me. It was a cycle that I had no control over no matter how hard I tried. I knew what my heart wanted, I wanted to be a wife, mother and author, that was my dream. Just not what plans were for me. I am a wife, wrote a little bit and self published but not up to professional standards. No kids and I feel guilty that I’m wasting my life, I’ve been trying to figure out my mission. I do t know if I will ever go back to work, but I know that money does not drive me, it doesn’t keep me or inspire me. I am, I want, I need to stop feeling guilty like I don’t bring anything to the table, because I may not bring money but I bring a lot more other things and I’m the only thing I’m guilty of is trying to become a better person in and out.

“Trust God and His Word to reveal to you when your guilt is false and your thinking is wrong.”

“Trust in Him What makes you feel guilty? What does God’s Word say about the situation? Stop believing your feelings that condemn you, and put your trust in His Word that convicts.”

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