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Apart Of The Plan

I’m slowly becoming comfortable with myself. There are so many times where I’m loving me and I find out that others don’t see or think of me in the way I see myself. Does it bother me? Yes every time. But the older I get the more easier it is to move on from it, and remember they are not the one(s) who matters.
So many people have something to say about my life. I have no child, I finish high school, have a short time of college, I’ve worked nine different jobs (been a assistant manager), I am also married (5 years now). Still people find negative things to say. So concerned with what’s going on in my life, even though I’m not asking them for anything. Those people can keep on talking, because my God knows me and knows my situations. I know he is watching me [everything I do.] No matter how good I think I’m doing, there will always be someone telling me what I’m not doing; or should be doing.
I have accepted who and how I am. I am slowly reprograming myself back to how God meant for me to be. How I am; truly is deeper than the human eyes can see. Only God knows my Heart and Me…Truly.
I can never be who someone else wants me to be, because I’ve tried and failed. I have my own perspective in life; so I can not live by someone else’s sight but mine.
I now keep the ones that fully accept me; keep them very close [to my heart] and the others I try to keep my distance. But whenever I have the opportunity to let them know and explain how good God has been to me, I let them know.
No one knows how hard God is working on me, how far I’ve come. It’s sad that so many people in my life will never see and understand, because they only see money. They think material things prove how you are doing, when it’s not about what you have all the time that shows your growth; it’s your actions that speak volumes.
I just know the plan God has for me is the reasons my life is playing out in this way.
God created me this way for a reason. I was never meant to be someone different; never meant to be created into someone I don’t know. I was meant to grow into the person God envisioned. The things that have happened along the way, I truly believe has been apart of the plan; for me to learn and grow into the woman I am today. I am not concerned about being successful for others. I’m concerned about being successful for God.
When I die; I want people to know and remember my heart and wisdom. Know that the only mold I could fit in; is the one I was created from…Me.


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