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Never Can Just Stop

August 15, 2014

What Can I Say Today

The good thing about today is; it’s my nephews birthday and we plan on meeting up at a restaurant to celebrate. I want to go but then again I don’t. The place we are going I don’t really want to eat there, and I don’t want to waste money on food I won’t want or don’t did.
I am tired a bit, but that’s nothing new. I’m having face aching in my jaws. My body is aching and cramping so much, how can I go and enjoy myself. I guess I will have to do as always, and put my smile on and bury my pain inside.
5:45pm and I’m sleepy, cold, hands cramped up aching, body sore. I’m cold inside and warm outside, inside I get warm and it’s too hot, big when I’m cold; I’m about to freeze.

Well I got to the place and my mom and I had to wait for everyone else to show up, which my body starts tripping as I’m sitting in the car. My hands have been cramping and aching for weeks now, but I can’t just stop using my hands. But by the time they got there I was hungry by then. And the food was actually not that bad, I ate and we laughed. Like I always say, one never truly knows what will happen and when you assume your day and or night will turn out bad; it doesn’t.
My night ended well and I’m glad of that but I so want to rest and DO NOTHING TOMORROW! I am really ready for a vacation, I enjoy going to the beach. Hopefully next month I will get to hear waves and look out to the horizon.



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