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Look Good; Feel Good

April 24, 2014

Look Good; Feel Good

I have been in a very calm mood lately and it’s something abut changing up your look a bit to change things around you. Change your appearance a bit and it just might change your look on life.

How do you feel when you get a new outfit or new clothes in general, once you put them on its like a new you. What about a change to your hair style, a cut or even color.

I cut my hair a few months ago because my hair broke off on one side [evenly] like as if I cut it, and the rest of my hair just didn’t fall right anymore on that side to cover up the spot of very short hair. I cut the ret of it to even it all out and then I bleached my hair, just because I wanted something different. I enjoyed it for awhile and it was fun, but waiting for my hair to grow back as been tough. It’s not easy pulling off very short hair, especially when you’re not very “girly” I feel very mannish so I decided to get a wig. I’ve wore a wig before bit it’s been very long while since I had one. My husband helped me choose one, I wanted his help because he has to look at me.

Once I put it on it was like a new woman woke up and I felt prettier. I forgot all about having a illness and I laughed and smiled while looking in the mirror. It was nice looking at myself and not worried about my body shape or size. With just this one change I felt good and felt like looked good also.

I got my confidence back and it feels good, and funny thing was after taking the wig bak off I saw my true self again. I liked what I saw with or without the wig on. It’s all about changing it up sometimes.


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