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Healthy Eating Habits

May 22, 2014

Healthy Eating Habits

Today I went to walmart to purchase items to make a salad. I really want to change my bad eating habits to be healthy overall but also in hopes it will help lessen my body pain and aches. I think I did very well, this is what I got to make my salad:

1 cucumber $0.78 cents
Grape Tomatoes in a little cup $0.98 cents
Head of Romaine $1.67
Light Caesar Dressing (store brand) $1.48
Finely Shredded Parmesan Cheese $3.24

After taxes the total came to $8.31 and I know the cheese was the most expensive an maybe not good for me but this is a working process (one step at a time) And most people may say this is still not “healthy enough” but I’m going to see how it makes me feel.

I was able to fill two 48oz size containers and I estimate I will get about six or more servings out of it depending on the portion size I choose to eat.

My salad tastes great, but my body is so sore. I’m snap, crackle and popping almost every time I move around. All the tension left my shoulders and back, which is good but my arms are very sore along with my legs and other sore spots around my body. And the long list of other things which I won’t go through.

Overall on a good note my mood today is calm and relaxed. I always like that feeling, because it’s so much better than feeling sad and angry.


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