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My Skin Hurts

August 29, 2014

I have fibromyalgia but I have always had sensitive skin even as a child, which I sometimes believe I also have fibromyalgia as a child just it grew as I grew, and my actions made things worst. I mean is there really any concrete evidence? I don’t think so; so I can believe what I want.
Anyways back to my skin, like I said I have always had sensitive (weird) skin. I’ve always gotten bruised easily and had itchy skin, I used to scratch my skin till it bleed. Also I would get “heat bumps” on my back, it’s bad when I get hot or sweat my back itches. I have these tiny bumps on my back, mostly you can feel them if you can’t see them. They have gotten worst, I think I have sores on my back now, from scratching so much. It’s like the bumps on my upper back are inflamed or something, it’s bad after taking a hot shower.

But I never would have thought my skin issues would get worst, but one thing I have found that helps is when I shave. Shaving with a razor irritates my skin now, so using a electric shaver the kind with the 3 round circles, it’s much smoother. I have a huge place on my right line where a plain razor messed up my skin, while I was itching so my scratching made it worst. Once I shave everywhere I can reach or think of, I feel so good. I still itch bit snot as much, only when the hair starts growing back where the itching becomes annoying again.

When I was in the local dollar tree a couple weeks ago I saw this cream (Dr. Sheffield Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer) and thought I would try it, it’s only a dollar. It seems to be working well, I put it on my back and other places that need it and I don’t itch, but the itching does come back of course. http://www.medicationdaily.com/dr-sheffield-psoriasis-medicated-moisturizer

With sore skin, itchy skin, sensitive skin, easy to scar, it’s no wonder I’m still sane and not insane.



Hot Water

July 11, 2014

Hot Water

Oh hot water, hot water; why do you soothe me so?
3:05am and I just got out the shower, not because I needed to wash off, but because I was feeling like things crawling on my skin. My back has been itching so badly, and I’ve itched my back so much that it’s sore and it hurts. The only thing that helps is letting the hot water shower down it; even though it burns and stings really bad, because of the itching.

Fabric seems to irritate it even more, I feel ok at the moment just wrapped in a bed-sheet. But I know as soon as my skin gets too dry, it will start becoming itchy again.

3:31am-Okay I spoke too soon because I moved around and why did I do that. My back is stinging and feels like I’m going to have sores on my back. I guess scrubbing my skin in the shower was a good idea; especially with the very hot water.

Right now the only thing I have to put on my skin is coconut oil, but not sure if it’s making things worst or helping. When I put it on it soothes a bit, my skin still itches though; but still water feels better. I stood at the sink splashing water on myself and right away I felt at ease.

I wish I didn’t have so many problems to deal with.

I did finally fall asleep and slept good, but had to wake up around 10am and went out to get some things done. Felt alright, but my back still bothered me a bit.

8:32pm- I’m doing fairly well, not itchy much. Having some body soreness, and a hot/cold issue going on. Overall I have some relief.

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