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The Root of It All

How long did it take you to figure out what to change in your life to help make you feel better?

I am still on the journey of trying to figure out what to eat, what not to eat. How does my body react to things. I’m lost and I can’t keep track. Every time I think I know, I don’t really have it. That alone is exhausting.

Being in so much discomfort and pain. You don’t want to take away everything you love. I want to be able to have those things that just make me happy, but I don’t know if those things are keeping me from being stuck in this never ending cycle.

Lately I’ve been so stressed which is not good. Random things keep happening as they always do but I’m never ready or looking forward to. For example: I’m sitting up in bed legs crisscrossed “indian style” I unfold them and notice my right foot is going numb, like it’s fallen asleep it’s tingling. Within seconds of me noticing that the same feeling moves up my entire leg and thigh. I’m freaking out because it feels weird, uncomfortable and I don’t know what’s about to happen next. What if I lose all feeing or can’t walk. I took off whatever clothing I had on just to feel free and I laid back and tried to relax. The feeling goes away at some point but I’ve never had that feeling go up my leg like that and especially with me just sitting on the bed.

I’m like I have to be mindful of so much that I do and that is one reason why I choose not to go to every family event of go everywhere in general because I’m just concerned of what or how my body may react to be being out.

Right now I have a toe that had been bothering me since yesterday and it feel the bone of the toe or joint hurts.

I’m so exhausted trying to live a life that I feel is trying to kill me. I can’t seem to get much of anything that is important to me done. My hands keep aching, I have to take breaks for that along with the fact I’m not sleeping well so I have to sleep when my body allows me to. Well I should say mind and body allows me to. Mostly by He time I fall asleep and wake up the day is almost over and I’m trying to get in as much as I can before it’s time for me to try and fall asleep again like a “normal” person.

Oh!!! I almost forgot another reason I haven’t been sleeping is because my skin as been itching so bad. I’m feeling things on me, feeing little pricks and stings. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Then seem like every time I get to sleeping really good, I have to get up to pee. 🤦‍♀️ trying to find balance of cold and hot is another struggle.

Of course I could go on and on…. I just don’t know if I will ever have this all figured out.

All I know is keeping negativity away and saying NO when I can’t and don’t want to do something right go somewhere. Making myself laugh more and putting time and energy into myself.

Edge of the Cliff

Hi, WildFlowers

Hope you all are feeling better than me today. Today I feel so sad, crying and I’m tired. I’m tired and I haven’t even done anything. I don’t even feel like trying to explain what I’m feeling in my body right now. All day long. It’s been a tough few months. Day after day. When the new day starts I’m woke, when the day is moving along I am still, in bed trying to get sleep. By night fall I’m wide awoke again most of the time. There are times that I stay up and try to keep myself busy but with the proper rest, I feel sick.

I feel like nothing I eat or drink agrees with me. To be honest I really don’t want to eat anymore. I try to go as long as I can and not eat. I’m tried of drinking and going to the bathroom. I guess I’m just tried of what is called my life.

One of the most frustrating things are, when you’ve told your family and friends you have fibromyalgia, you have told them all the symptoms even printed them out for them to see and read. Constantly talking about it and explaining. Then when you don’t feel well and they ask what’s wrong, you tell them what you’re feeling and they ask you why are you feeling that way or what did you do. Oh how crazy it is you feel that way etc…

In that moment I feel as if no one cares and of course no one understands. The crap just happens and I don’t know why. It’s like they don’t care to keep that information in their head of What fibromyalgia does to someone. They have no clue.

No one wants to hear about how I feel but then they tell me about their aches and pains as if their pain is more relevant than mine. Don’t forget about the age. People older feel they have a right to feel the way they do and wonder what’s my reason or how, why, would be aching and joints popping, I’m too young to be feeling that way etc…

A Normal Day…

Hello my WildFlowers, how are you all? 

My day has been, being uncomfortable starting early this morning, no last night. Lately I have been becoming hot more often and sweating, even cold sweats when it’s cool. The temperature has changed outside but now my body is used to it being cool inside from the air conditioner but of course it would be crazy to have it still on now. The ceiling fan seemed to not be doing much. Every room in the house seems like a different temperature. 

Today I was smelling something and could not figure out where it was coming from but it was bothering me. I think I found it and that was a relief. 

Then I felt crawling on my legs. The hair has grown back slightly and I think ok let me shave it will be better, wrong. After shaving, my legs are stinging/itching I’m about to rip my legs off. I quickly turn on the shower and get in. Ok now some relief. 

Now to figure out what to put on or to not put on. I’m in the bedroom I’ve chosen to open the window to cool the room off and hopefully help make me more comfortable. Should I close or leave the door open? I find something to put on that won’t irritate my skin too much and I kept the door open. My legs are still itching a bit but I don’t know if I want to put any lotion on or anything because it may irritate me even more. 

Overall I have myself situated at this point and I’m somewhat at peace. It’s quiet in the house, I’m cool and comfortable. 

It’s been a normal day for me full of my personal issues. 

My Skin Hurts

August 29, 2014

I have fibromyalgia but I have always had sensitive skin even as a child, which I sometimes believe I also have fibromyalgia as a child just it grew as I grew, and my actions made things worst. I mean is there really any concrete evidence? I don’t think so; so I can believe what I want.
Anyways back to my skin, like I said I have always had sensitive (weird) skin. I’ve always gotten bruised easily and had itchy skin, I used to scratch my skin till it bleed. Also I would get “heat bumps” on my back, it’s bad when I get hot or sweat my back itches. I have these tiny bumps on my back, mostly you can feel them if you can’t see them. They have gotten worst, I think I have sores on my back now, from scratching so much. It’s like the bumps on my upper back are inflamed or something, it’s bad after taking a hot shower.

But I never would have thought my skin issues would get worst, but one thing I have found that helps is when I shave. Shaving with a razor irritates my skin now, so using a electric shaver the kind with the 3 round circles, it’s much smoother. I have a huge place on my right line where a plain razor messed up my skin, while I was itching so my scratching made it worst. Once I shave everywhere I can reach or think of, I feel so good. I still itch bit snot as much, only when the hair starts growing back where the itching becomes annoying again.

When I was in the local dollar tree a couple weeks ago I saw this cream (Dr. Sheffield Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer) and thought I would try it, it’s only a dollar. It seems to be working well, I put it on my back and other places that need it and I don’t itch, but the itching does come back of course. http://www.medicationdaily.com/dr-sheffield-psoriasis-medicated-moisturizer

With sore skin, itchy skin, sensitive skin, easy to scar, it’s no wonder I’m still sane and not insane.


Hot Water

July 11, 2014

Hot Water

Oh hot water, hot water; why do you soothe me so?
3:05am and I just got out the shower, not because I needed to wash off, but because I was feeling like things crawling on my skin. My back has been itching so badly, and I’ve itched my back so much that it’s sore and it hurts. The only thing that helps is letting the hot water shower down it; even though it burns and stings really bad, because of the itching.

Fabric seems to irritate it even more, I feel ok at the moment just wrapped in a bed-sheet. But I know as soon as my skin gets too dry, it will start becoming itchy again.

3:31am-Okay I spoke too soon because I moved around and why did I do that. My back is stinging and feels like I’m going to have sores on my back. I guess scrubbing my skin in the shower was a good idea; especially with the very hot water.

Right now the only thing I have to put on my skin is coconut oil, but not sure if it’s making things worst or helping. When I put it on it soothes a bit, my skin still itches though; but still water feels better. I stood at the sink splashing water on myself and right away I felt at ease.

I wish I didn’t have so many problems to deal with.

I did finally fall asleep and slept good, but had to wake up around 10am and went out to get some things done. Felt alright, but my back still bothered me a bit.

8:32pm- I’m doing fairly well, not itchy much. Having some body soreness, and a hot/cold issue going on. Overall I have some relief.

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