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Joint Pain

June 14, 2014

Joint Pain

My right arm as been bothering me for days, maybe for a week or more now; it kind of becomes a normal daily thing, to the point you don’t really know how long because it comes and goes sometimes.
When I move my arm, I never know if pain will be involved or not. When it does though it hurts and it is a sharp, quick pain. It’s worse at night while trying to sleep though. As I think everything for people with fibromyalgia seems worst at night in bed or just at nighttime in general.
Then the other annoying thing as been my left knee, I think I’m having so much trouble with it is because [hate to say] while in bed my husband knee hit mine more than once. I’m not sure what wrong with it or even if that affected it any. But mostly in cold or chilly air it as a feeling of like swollen or something. I still don’t know how to explain what it’s like. Just feel weird and I guess sometimes it feels like it needed to be popped make in place or maybe just cramping going on. Like I said I have no idea how to explain the feeling.
Of course my hands and fingers ache badly and cramp; along with my feet do the same.

“Joint pain is discomfort that arises from any joint — the point where two or more bones meet. Joint pain is sometimes called arthritis or arthralgia. Joint pain can be mild, causing some soreness each time you move your joint. Or joint pain can be severe, making it impossible to use your joint. Joint pain is rarely an emergency. Most cases of mild joint pain can be successfully managed at home.”

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