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A Laxative Day

May 29, 2014

Laxative Day

I took a laxative pill yesterday that didn’t kick in until today, but at least I slept good last night. This morning through, my stomach began cramping and it was on.

Off and on all day, cramps and then to the bathroom. Hopefully I will feel lighter on my feet after it’s over.

Another problem I’m having today, which has been an issue all week, is my left leg and knee. Aching and stiff the pain just won’t go away. Stretching hasn’t helped, makes it worst, and moving it around makes things snap, crackle and pop; that gives a short relief but I don’t think its good when your joints pop though.

Overall, if you take out running back and forth to the bathroom, my day is going okay. Fatigue is slowly kicking in day by day, because of Premenstrual syndrome.

“Many people with IBS take laxatives to help them go to the bathroom. But laxatives may offer limited relief and can be harmful if taken regularly for weeks at a time.
Laxatives work well for occasional constipation, but they don’t treat all IBS symptoms such as stomach aches and bloating. Also, some laxatives can be habit-forming and harmful in the long run.”


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