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A Dizzy Day

July 29, 2014

A Very Dizzy Day

Since last night I have been dizzy, head spinning feeling. My menstrual cycle came on yesterday and that’s when the dizziness began. I woke this morning still dizzy and even after eating something and drinking water, I was still dizzy.

Walking was wobbly and standing still I felt I would fall, I sway back and forth with no control of it.

It’s been an all day thing, I’ve been so out of energy, and along came the cramps that were very intense as every month is.

The pain creeps down into my thighs and legs and ache so badly. Around about 6pm I was able to take a bath and afterwards I felt a bit better, until the more I moved around the cramps came back worst. Along with my body being sore, like my collar bone and chest [sore to touch.]

So many years of this and I am still not sure to the pain of my periods, it’s different every month and I never know how bad it will be. I have felt bedridden for most of the day.





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