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We Are Like Lotus

August 7, 2014

Like A Lotus

Hello my Fibro-mates we are all like a lotus flower.

“The flower always looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond.”

Just as most of us do not carry ourselves as if we were sick, and we look beautiful; even though we are deep in this dark, sinking, never ending pool of pain.

Just as the lotus flower emerges from a murky pond; we have to emerge from our beds and let our beauty shine through the pain.

Lotus slowly emerges over a period of time, then it blooms in the morning until the mid-afternoon. I think it’s ok to say that we rise in the morning and maybe can make it to mid-afternoon before we also call it a day.

I struggled this morning to wake up, I did not know if I would. I promised myself I would take my one mile walk today, and it took me till 12pm before I slowly rose from my bed. But I got up and I did take my walk and so glad and proud I did.

The Lotus inspires and reminds us to achieve perfection, even in the adversities of life.

I don’t know about you but I am like a lotus flower, along with a butterfly fluttering over me after it has transformed from the cocoon; ready to live life after the changes.


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