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May 3, 2014


Just when I have gotten comfortable with my surroundings and environment and everything else, trouble comes along. My world is getting turned upside down [again] and it’s nothing I can do about it. I strongly believe that in the end things happen for good reason, but I don’t want any of what’s about to happen to happen.

Of course it all comes down to money. Money, money, money, just can’t see to have enough of it. Some income we were getting had been cut off, so that’s forcing us to have to make changes and one of those changes… Moving, I don’t want to have to move and I love where I’m at right now.

I had just started to feeling happy about life again and this happens. Bill after bill, and of course now I feel even worst for not being able to work and help my husband out, but that too has to change.

And to top it all off my cycle is about to come on soon, so not only am I trying not to allow stress to get to me, I’m going to be in pain with cramps and whatever else. The idea of packing up my stuff again makes me want to just live out of one suitcase and forget about everything else.

I’m not comfortable anymore, I’m on edge and I just want whatever that’s going to happen to happen.


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