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Only a Molehill

March 10, 2014

Only a MoleHill

March 10, 2014

Nothing more than a molehill…
I thank The Lord for giving me the strength and determination to get up and go strong this morning.  I did 30 minutes plus 5 minute cool down, 1.41miles on the treadmill.

Lord gave me that little push I needed this morning, the devil tried to keep me down, but I listened to God word and I set out to prove to myself I can, if only I believe.

I’m going to try and work on not making a molehill into a mountain. I’ve been making my pain a mountain that I can’t seem to never get over, only maybe half way sometimes and then I end up rolling back down.
Today was a new start for me and a new beginning, that I hope I can repeat tomorrow but I can’t worry about tomorrow, only focus on today and today I  proud of myself.
Today I looked at my mountain as a molehill and I jumped over it, with no problems? Not exactly but it was worth it. I do have a bad headache but I’ve had that problem since yesterday, it keeps coming and going. Only thing to really relieve it is closing my eyes and sleeping. Trying to overlook that part, overall the start of my day has been good.

“How would you like for all your mountains to become molehills? They can, if you will do what God is saying here and look not at the problems but at the Lord and His power. If God has told you to do something, it is certainly His will not only that you begin it but also that you finish it.” -From the book New Day, New You by Joyce Meyer.

What mountains in your life can you start to turn into molehills? And get over them to become a better you.

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