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Reality of Moving Day

July 13, 2014

Reality of Moving Day

I’ve spoke of having to move awhile back, but it finally happened today and taking about stressful.
I had the worst fibro fog moment ever (epic fail) I didn’t take the key out of the lock for the storage unit and the lock with the key in it was in my back pocket, I forgot and sat down and the key bent; which it broken off in the lock. You can imagine how my husband felt about that.
I already feel bad enough and I’m pushing myself over the limit today, but that doesn’t mean anything after that mistake happened.
Feeling so stressed out; I was in baby mode and crying. I called my mother and she came and helped me while my husband was at work. Oh how I love her, don’t know what I would do without her.
We went back to the storage place and there was another person working other than the one earlier when I messed up. The guy took a paper clip and placed it in a small hole behind the lock and pushed the broken key right out. Yes you heard me, my stress and crying and feeling bad was all for nothing. It surly is about the people you deal with, I guess that’s why we should never give up and try; try again. Never know what may happen unless you do.
I’ve never been a weak person physically, so I used all my muscle today and it was rough. With my high blood pressure; I have a high heart rate. Every moment I was trying to catch my breathe and I felt my heart beating out of my chest.
I so didn’t get enough sleep and I need sleep badly and rest. All I feel is tension in my head, I need to close my eyes and relax but I can’t.
It was a long day and the bed is calling for my body.

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