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Need Space

June 28, 2014

Need Space

“Lord, help me to be able to communicate my personal needs to those I love without making them feel rejected. Give them understanding hearts that accept me for who I am and encourage me. Amen.”

I have grown to enjoy my alone time and being around others is too much work. Feeling the need to entertain or when you’re having so much fun that you’re laughing and carrying on. Knowing that later you are going to feel everything that you are doing.

I feel like I have to put and keep a smile on my face so no one ask what’s wrong. That is the hardest questions to answer sometimes. “Tired just tired that’s all.”

It tough when people are always busy and you can’t seem to make time, so when they have time to spend with you; your body goes into a flare and you may say what about another day. Sometimes I’m caught off guard and that works because you just may catch me in a ok mood.

Today I’ve cherished my time to myself; tok just rest and clear my mind. Even though my CFS is on full blast today, I’m taking it easy. But I did get the laundry washed and dried and yes the clothes stayed in the dryer because I’m so out of energy.

There’s nothing like having your very own room to go off to and hide out. I pretty much live in my bedroom, I have to make it so I will and have to come out.


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