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Emotional Day

June 16, 2014

Today was a very emotional day for me; I’ve been holding back my emotions because I’ve been trying to pray and then just let things be, but I felt overwhelmed by nighttime.

Some personal situations are going on and I am relaying on my faith and telling myself God is going to let everything be ok. I’m coming to tears right now, because I just so want things to turn around for my husband and I.

And with my anxiety I’m making things out to be far more worst than they are. I called my mom and after a few words I began crying.

Sometimes it’s just nice and comforting to talk with someone who knows and loves you.

After finally crying and letting it out a bit; I feel a little better, well at least better than I did. I’m not panicking so that’s a good thing, hopefully I can stay calm and not raise my heart rate anymore tonight.



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