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Plant Your Seeds Today

February 24, 2914

Plant Your Seeds Today

“Every action is a seed we sow, and we will reap a harvest from our seeds. Our words, thoughts, attitudes, and actions are all seeds that we sow, and seeds produce harvest. Sow mercy; reap mercy. Sow judgment; reap judgment. Sow kindness; reap kindness. If you don’t like how your life is right now, I have good news for you. You can change your life by sowing right seeds.”-Joyce Meyer

I don’t garden and I guess I need to start, planting what I want back. I do best, but maybe my best isn’t good enough, because I support people and I keep my promises. I never get back from people what I give to them, so I keep away and too myself as much as I can, instead of feeling the need to live up to others and always trying to please them. I just have to take as much time too myself as possible.

Do you plant seeds? If you do what are the seeds you sow? Is it seeds of anger, sadness, or do you even sow any seeds. I question if I do or not because I don’t go anywhere much and stay inside and see no one. Do much stressing me out, people for sure, it’s certain people in willing to deal with, and others I enjoy dealing with. Like where I live, people see my husband all the time, and have no idea who I am. That makes me feel like I should get out more, then again I’m so peaceful in my own little world.

I’m very caring and willing to help others when I can, but when it comes to my well-being verse helping them, it depends on who it is. When it comes to my chronic illness I do what I can via internet and if and when I go out. I don’t go out my way do much, but at the end of the day I hope and pray God sees what I am doing, and knows I going to work on being better.
Have to remember that be kind is liking having insurance, you have it just in case. So we have to be kind just in case so the more we put out, in return we will get blessed back when we least expect it. The less car accidents you have the more your car insurance could go down. So think about that, if you give out nothing but hate, what do you expect to get back in return.

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