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Real Friends

May 8, 2014

Real Friends

Do you feel you have any REAL FRIENDS? It can kind of be a tough question, that is if you question your friendship(s).

Having the right people involved in your life is very important. It’s important to have the right people around to help you heal, instead of helping you destroy. Especially with having fibromyalgia or any illness, but see some things people are more easier to understand, like if you break something and they see a cast on you, or if you may die at anytime time, things like that. But when one can’t see anything physically wrong with you on the outside, they question if there’s anything wrong.
The first most important thing of a being friends with someone who has fibromyalgia is knowing that that person believes you and they are willing to understand what it is, an how it affects you. Then they next thing is their reaction, if they don’t say some dumb question then that’s good. If they are willing to except it and move on and not question you and your life choices.
Another good thing to take notice is if someone is willing to remind you of your goals and of you exercising and thinking about yourself in a healthy way, that is a good friend. Because most people wouldn’t pay attention to you and care what you did.
People you decide to keep in your life can help you or harm you, and no matter how tough it is you may have to remove certain people from your world so you can become better and feel better.

When you make a good friend you know, and when that friend becomes your best friend, you will know. Remember to hold on to them. You may only get one, two maybe three people in your life total that are strong as roots on a tree and they help you grow.


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