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Routine Schedule

April 27, 2014

Routine Schedule

It’s said that a routine schedule is important for someone with fibromyalgia. That if one wakes up at a certain time, goes to bed at the same time every night, and so forth; that the body will get used to it and may ease the pain that is caused from over doing things.
I have found that it’s difficult for me to stay to a plan when not living alone, because of how my husband schedule is I tend to forget about myself when I can just to try and spend time with him when he’s not at work or sleep. Then any other time my routine gets interrupted by headaches, monthly periods and any other random pain.
It’s gotten kind of bad, it’s down to the point I need to track how many glasses of water I’m drinking in a day, which I’m not doing to well with that. As much as I’m going back and forth to the bathroom one would think drinking gallons of water at a time.
This year the longest I’ve went with a exercise routine is about three weeks, I still don’t know how I managed that, it felt good before the pain took over and I stopped. Told myself I would get back to it, but that really hasn’t happened really.
Lately my routine has been go with the flow, meaning if I have nothing important to do or get done, I don’t force myself to get up and get moving. There are times I don’t think about food and I don’t eat until I begin to have hungry cramps in my stomach. On a good day I wake up, get dressed, walk to the mailbox and try to enjoy the day. I sit up until I become sleepy, because chronic fatigue is no joke, when it hits; it hits hard.

I hope to get better at trying to better myself, but sometimes I’m happy with just being able to wake up and be able to smile and laugh. [Sometimes just wake up.]

There is a famous theory now among fibro people and it’s called the spoon theory. You have a spoon for what you have to do that day, and you don’t add to that. Take a spoon away as you finish your tasks. The phrase “running low on spoons” is what’s said to left someone know you just can’t do something, because you don’t have enough.


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