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Change I Can’t to I Can

July 28, 2014

Everyday I doubt myself in some way, without even thinking about it; it’s apart of my to routine, trying to figure out what I’m not going to do [I can’t]

Don’t be tempted beyond your ability, but do keep trying.

The only main can’t I have is that, I can’t over do it and that’s more like I won’t. Because of course I can, I’ve proved that to myself so many times that now I refuse to do it; that pain is unbearable when I do.

The one can; that I cherish is that I can encourage others and try to help them believe in themselves and find hope within them. I can help lift and build them back up, by giving my love, support and kindness it goes a long way. By sharing my struggles and also sharing how I get or got free from that struggle; I give proof that I understand and also how a weakness can turn into a strength.

WHAT CAN AND WILL YOU DO TODAY? Only if it’s thinking differently in a more positive way; that would be a great start to your “I can list.”



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