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It Was Something I Ate

July 6, 2014

Something I Ate

I tried leftover pasta that my husband had got takeout, I’m not sure what was all in it, but I should have never ate it. Because it made me sick. I just finish throwing up, it was very severe. I lost control of my bladder I was vomiting so hard. I was on my knees in front of the toilet and has I throw up, I feel that I’m becoming wet. My pants are wet because I’m peeing on myself as my head hung over the toilet. Then I got into the shower and it wasn’t over, I’m hunched over, heaving in the shower.

At the moment [8:53pm] I’m ok but I’m not sure if it’s over or not. Just thinking about what happened is making me gag. And the aftershocks of belching and every time it happens I’m I feel like more is coming up. I want to try drinking some hot tea but I’m scared.

Okay I went ahead and dipped on some hot tea an that really didn’t help. I’m just kind of lying down and relaxing as much as I can and hope this sick feeling goes away. I have no crackers or anything and truthfully I don’t want to eat anything. I wonder if jello will be ok, just need to get this blah taste out my mouth. Nope taste buds and stomach don’t want jello. I ate a ice cube, I feel so sick. This will be a long night. Stomach muscles are doing some crazy stuff as well.

Where’s a grandmother with some hard candy when you need some. LOL

I have learned a valuable lesson today: Don’t eat my husbands leftover takeout, never ever again.

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