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Stormy Weather

June 12, 2014

Stormy Weather

There was heavy rain yesterday, but it was very warm and the bad aches and pains started in my body [mostly my foot] my right foot; top of it was aching so much, it was a very annoying pain. Then it started to creep up my leg a bit.

I wake today of course to some stiffness, aching and just plain tired. 11:30am and there are showers; the chance of me not having the same pain or it being worst today; is probably slim to none.

As I heard the drops of rain fall, my first thought was there is more sleep ahead of me and more crazy pain. I’m having some cramps in my stomach at the moment and yawning like I’ve had no sleep at all.

4:12pm: surprisingly enough I haven’t went back to sleep, and not much pain. Having sharp pains here and there; kind of jumping around. Aching hands; Joints are popping and I’m pretty calm despite the anxiety I feel about something’s going on in my life at the moment. And when I start to think about those things, my body reacts with cramps and I feel sick and of course tired.

No sunshine at all today and it’s tough not feeling down when you have a dark cloud over you all day.

Stormy Weather… Hoping that the sun shines tomorrow and my dark cloud will disappear.

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