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Me Time

March 28, 2014


I know some people may not believe in the same things, but what I do believe is God will send you a message however he feels you are going to notice or hear it. Open your eyes more often and really see, pay attention to the things going on around you, listen more to what’s been said. You just may get or find your blessing that way.

This is what my horoscope said and it was words I needed to hear.
“Focus on your own wants and needs today, It’s about time you started doing as much (or more) for yourself than you do for everyone else. Your own work or fun time may be taking second place to the wants and needs of other people. You try to be fair to everyone because that’s your nature, but at times you become so preoccupied with doing for others that you forget to be fair to yourself. Make a point of doing something special for yourself right now – you deserve it!”

But I think this is something every person with a chronic illness needs to hear. I believe we are all very giving, kind-hearted people and we want to be there for the ones we love. We must remember to take time out for ourselves, and if our love ones really truly love us they will understand. If we are going to be able to be here as long as we can, and be as healthy as we can. “ME TIME” is essential, think of your health first.

If you have a spouse and children, then do something relaxing with the family like movie night. Get city on the couch and watch a movie. Getting rest doesn’t always mean going to sleep. Just do what you want for a change and let others follow you, or let them be so you can be free.

I learned a huge lesson today, after having panic attacks and not being able to breathe, I told myself I don’t have to be pressured into doing something I don’t want to do, and I need not feel guilty for looking out for me.


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