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February 27, 2014


I learned today that temptation doesn’t always have to be something you enjoy, that you are seduced by sexually or anything like that. We all are temped everyday in many different ways, to the point we may not even realize it. When things happened to is, we can be tempted to react in many different ways.
I know for me having anxiety an depression, I’m tempted to be depressed, and scared everyday. Seems the more I try and get better the tougher it becomes to get away from the negativity that causes me to look down on myself. See I always need reassurance from loved ones that they love me and are proud of me. Tough love never worked in me, it just made me more depressed, and left me wondering why doesn’t my mom love me? Why is she telling me get I don’t do this I have to get out? See in her mind she felt if she said these things to me it would make me want to get up and do what I had to do, so I wouldn’t end up getting kicked out of my home. It left me working for her benefit, not my own. I wasn’t doing it for me, it was for no other reason but to keep peace and keep a roof over my head. My life as always been tough, do I meet understood why people felt as if I was spoiled or my life was so good. It could have been worse, but if it had of I don’t think I would still be here.
I’ve been tempted by temptation all my life, and it is not easy to say no. Seems that being depressed, being bad, being sneaky, comes easy. All the anger and misunderstanding along with confusion, left my heart broken, and dark, so temptation finds me and lives with me. I was never good at test in school, failed many, as I’ve failed many life test. But I’ve gotten a little better, but it’s still hard trying to figure out the best way. And to remember that the best way may not always be an easy way.
My goal for life is to try and be more tempted to be kind, be helpful, be tempted to be happy and not let the world get be down.

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