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2nd Day of Rest/ Not Really

August 13, 2014

2nd Day of Rest

I did not get much sleep yesterday and here I go again, another night passed by and it’s now 3:30am and I’m still awake.
My legs still ache and I feel, my body is sore and it even hurts to stretch. My entire body is beginning to ache all over and do weird things. I’m having muscles cramps happen, some trembling feeling is starting.
My stomach as also been bothering me, I feel sick.
♿️Throbbing, Burning, Weakness, Aching, Sore
I got some sleep and I’m up at 12pm, because of the phone ringing. Still not feeling that well, have no energy, but decided to go ahead and start cooking. I’m preparing potato salad, so I peeled and cut, now boiling. Also boiling chicken to make chicken salad. Since I was already up (barely) since my knee and legs are bothering me, I thought why not just walk around the inside of the house; that should count right?
Walking around in a circle, through the kitchen, dining room, through the living, back to the kitchen.
2pm and I just finished 1.20 miles, I just walked around the house (inside) for this long, just by getting zoned out listening to music I just kept walking around. My feet and ankles are bothering me now, but I did it.

I be not wanting to do anything, then end up doing too much. As you see in the picture all the red where I walked around in the house.



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