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Blinders On

Put Your Blinders On

As I took a walk this morning, a thought came to mind. With my huge headphones on, like two big buns on my ears. They were like blinders, and as the music played, it kept me going straight. I focused on the task at hand. Just like a horse in a race, with blinders, it can only see straight ahead.

Soon I noticed that I was moving at a faster pace and the finish point didn’t seem that long.

“I’m going to finish this mile in no time.”

I said to myself.

I wonder why I can’t mentally get to this point everyday though, it’s like I shut down. But I have to find that drive again, if I want change and want to feel and see change in my body. I did it once, so I know it’s possible, but, I have to stop having buts and just keep in my mind all the reasons why I need to just do it.

I want to finish this race and I want to finish strong.

Lord you woke me up this morning, I’m still here, I know I need to do better, I need to do more. I will and I am.


Move Monday

August 11, 2014

Move Monday

Today it was a little difficult getting up, I wanted to keep lying in bed, but I have told myself to stick with my plan and I’m trying to do that. I checked the weather and I know I didn’t to get up and get outside before it got hot or rained. It was the perfect time to get out, so I took a deep breath and told myself to get up, go ahead and do this. I got up and since I was just waking up and wasn’t hungry, I took some fruits out the fridge and mixed up a smoothie. I drank it while I took my walk, when I made it back around to the house I was at one mile and took the cup inside and kept going.

I don’t know what got into me today, but I just didn’t want to stop. At the same time I didn’t want to over do it. I went around twice today and it feels amazing. When I reached the other half of the circle the song A Little More Jesus played in my ear and gave me that extra push I needed to keep going. Before reaching my end point I saw a beautiful bright colored yellow and black butterfly. The perfect ending to my walk.



Rain, Rain, Go Away

August 9, 2014

A Rainy Day

Most rainy days I seem to end up kind of down/sad, but today was much different. I have been walking every other day and today was my day to take my walk around the neighborhood, but it had been raining all morning.
I had woke up and took awhile before I decided that I wasn’t going to allow a wet day stop me from keeping my goal. It had stopped raining, but by the time I got dressed it started back up. The rain was coming down quite a bit but still I went out and decided I would cut my walk short, because it started to rain harder as I got further.
I may not have did one mile today but it was close enough. I am proud of myself for even going out.
My legs were burning and aching so badly as I walked but as the the rain fell down on me; I felt free, I felt determined. It was something very peaceful about it.



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