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Move More

April 2, 2014

Move More

For the ones in this Fibro Family who don’t have as many other things going on along with the fibromyalgia, I need to you be as strong as you never thought you could.

There’s so many reasons that we can say we can’t, but what about we had to the list of what we can. Many of us still get up and go to work, because we want to or have no other choice. Some of us stay home mostly and I am one of those home bound people, but I do my best to get up and walk around, as much as I can. Of course cleaning is like number one for me, being I can get kind of OCD about it. I don’t always have much energy but when I do, of course I have to try not to over do it, but I walk up to the gym here in my apartment complex and do at least twenty minutes on the TreadClimber or just walk up and back down the sidewalk.
When in home alone I enjoy putting my headphones on and moving around to music. That’s what I like to do, then I go back to resting.

It is a very warm 82 degrees today where I am, and i woke up body feeling rather “normal” and I got dressed, walked to the mailbox. It’s so nice out but I have to admit, the warmth kind of took my breath away just as it did when it was too cold. And the sun hurt my eyes, I know I have to put on sunglasses before going out again.

It just feels good to feel good right now, I almost want to cry because I wish this freedom would stay and be with me everyday.


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