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Sore Throat

April 25, 2014

Sore Throat

How many times do you wake up with a sore throat? Does it seem they only occur during certain times?

I don’t pay close attention as much as I should, but I know I didn’t really notice certain changes until good ole spring time showed up.

I woke this morning with a sore throat and every single time I shallow it’s more annoying than sore, feels like something in the pit of my throat. The soreness comes and goes, and drinking something warm like hot tea or even a spoon full of honey.

Trying to clear my throat causes nausea and gagging. Like many things with fibromyalgia, I have to wait it out in hopes it will ease away.
“Sore throat allergies can be caused by several things most common of course is the flu or a cold but less often, a bacterial infection and allergic reactions may cause sore throat allergies. There are other causes for sore throat allergies such as indoor air that is dry due to winter weather and dry heat, especially in the morning. Breathing through the mouth because of snoring, or nasal congestion will also cause throat irritation but besides having a cold or the flu, the second most common causes for sore throat allergies may come from dust, pollen, molds and pet dander.”

“The reason why allergies cause your throat to become sore is due to post nasal drip, which will inflame and irritate your throat. Other things that may cause sore throat allergies include both outdoor and indoor air pollution such as different cleaning chemicals, tobacco smoke, different perfumes and aromas. You can also develop a sore throat from allergies to certain foods, spicy foods, alcohol, snuff and chewing tobacco. A sore throat is characterized by pain, discomfort or scratchiness in the throat making it painful and difficult to swallow. Allergies do in fact cause a sore throat because one of the allergic reactions to allergies is sinus drainage.”


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