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Waiting For Warmer Days

February 10, 2014

Waiting For Warmer Days

Again the weather as turned backwards and here I am again trying to get warm. Never thought I would want summer time to come do badly, but the winter has been torture for me this year. On my whole body, but mostly my legs. If my legs become too cold it’s a wrap, aching and soreness, and walking its tough to do. And stiffness becomes harder to deal with, staying in a certain position for to long, it hurts to move.
Having it be so cold took all my energy, with the pain plus the pain of when my period comes on, it took the motivation I started off with this year and dragged me through the last week of the month of January. All I could do was do my best to keep my spirit lifted and keep focus on just having faith, to be able to be happy throughout my days. With that said I had already put on a few extra pounds, that’s why I wanted to make working out a priority. It came to a stand still though and now I have gained so much weight maybe a good thirty almost forty pounds and it has actually caused so much more pain on my body. For the first time I really called myself fat and truly meant it and beloved it. I have I get back right. The pain and the cold weather caused me to slip back into not being able to move and be stiff. Going outside walking to the mailbox takes my breath away.
I told myself I was going to at least try and start back doing my exercise DVD (walk away the pounds) that reminds me I haven’t done it yet, maybe tonight. NO EXCUSES RIGHT! RIGHT?

Wanting Warmer Days

Wanting Warmer Days.

Do It For You

February 4, 2014

Do For You

I sit and think, “Am I doing this for myself?” If not for the influence of things and people around me, would I really me putting so much into whatever. The thing for me today is wearing high heel shoes…
Do any you still wear high heel shoes? Or have you ever?
I’ve never been the type to wear heels a lot, but I do have to admit they make me feel more feminine, due to the fact I’m not that “girly” jeans, t-shirt & sneakers kind of girl. Anyways to my point, every time I put heels on they give my legs a total workout. All my weight is going onto ball of my feet (my poor toes) and I feel “sexy” and all but don’t know if its even worth it. Afterwards I end up with aching legs and feet the rest of the day & night. My feet and legs still aching right now.
Is this a good workout for my calves & legs?
Or is it doing damage?
Should I put myself thru the torture of trying to get used to it?
My husband said put them on everyday inside and walk around in them until I get used to them. (Advice from someone who doesn’t have Fibro) smh
I let him know that my feet hurts even in sneakers, but these heels hurt worst. I like heels but I am mostly doing it for him because I know he loves it. But I just don’t know.
I know that my husband really loves seeing a woman in heels, so I wanted to do it mostly for him and too get his attention, but I’ve done that a lot in my life. Pleasing others before myself, so I have to do it for me, what’s best for me, is being me. And if that means sticking to my sneakers then so be it. But it never hurts throwing those heels on for a few minutes and just admiring myself. Learning to do things for yourself and not thinking about others first, is very though to do when you’re not a selfish person. Another day; another lesson.

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